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Hummingbird Food Recipe

It's beginning of May, which means I have been patiently waiting for the return of our hummingbirds! I actually made hummingbird food and filled our feeder about a month ago just in case we had any early arrivals.

One of the things I enjoy most during the warm weather months is watching hummingbirds drink from the feeder right outside my dining room window. I could sit at my dining room table and watch these beautiful birds all day.

We finally saw our first one the other day! Which reminded me that I needed to refresh the hummingbird food. I know this is a food blog - well, the hummingbirds gotta eat too!

Hummingbird Food Recipe Little did I know when I bought my first hummingbird feeder and the accompanying big bottle of red nectar sold right next to it, that there is a significant chance that red food coloring is bad for hummingbirds. There's a great article in Bird Watchers Digest about it. So now my kids and I have fun making our own. And it's super simple and the humm…

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