Summer Pasta Salad Recipe

Meet your new favorite summer side dish. This Summer Pasta Salad is the easiest recipe to whip up for a BBQ and everyone enjoys it. It goes well with burgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, sausages, you name it! And like all of my favorite go-to's extremely easy. This actually might be the easiest one I know of. After you make this once, you will never need to look at this recipe again since it is so easy, but I still hope you'll think of the Search for YUM while you make it :)
Like all of my favorite recipes, I also have the tendency to over make this one early on in the season. Because you get so much of it with such little effort I find myself eating this for days on end at the beginning of the summer and then I burn out on it. But after a few weeks, I'm ready to whip it up again and enjoy.

Summer Pasta Salad Recipe

What You'll Need:
Tri Color Rotini
Robusto Italian Dressing
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheddar Cheese Squares (Or sticks you can cut into smaller chunks)
Pepperoni - cut into bite size chunks
How You'll Do It:
1. Cook the pasta, drain and cool completely. (this step is important or your cheese is going to not be so chunky but more melty).
2. Mix everything together, chill in the fridge.

Best enjoyed outside at the picnic table!


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