Food Blogger Comeback

It's been a while

I've been asked quite a bit recently, "Hey, what happened to your food blog?" And I'd laugh and respond, "Two kids happened!" 

But in all seriousness, life happened. Beautiful life. Messy, sleep deprived, beautiful life. And my food blog is something I've always hoped to come back to. I actually tried to think of a few renditions of it through my long, sleepless nights...parenting, traveling with kids, etc. New England Family is where I've kind of compiled all my blog writing over the last decade. But I keep coming back to food and have kept coming back to Search for Yum this entire time to revisit my recipes.

Honesty, over the last 5 years of feeding/trying to get little ones to eat...anything at all, coupled with not having ANY time to cook/create in the kitchen like I used to - my cooking has become, to put it nicely, bad. Not only does nothing come out right, I've just completely run out of ideas. Well I'm SO ready to get back at it.

Introducing Tastefully Simple

Well, you are reading the blog of a brand spankin' new consultant for Tastefully Simple. I know, I know...not another MLM!!!!! I've honestly thought about doing MLM before but it's never really made sense for me. Sure I love essential oils and pretty nails...but they aren't yummy, nummy delicious FOOD! (Given you can cook with some essential oils). But an MLM based solely around FOOD?! Not to mention EASY and DELICIOUS FOOD?! I can eat, get help with recipe ideas and meal plans AND maybe make a buck or two?! Well, I've just got to give it a try. Worst case scenario I start feeding my family edible dinners again. And another sister is going to do it with me! Yup, you heard right: Tastefully Simple Sisters!

And what do you know? The Search for Yum blog has been getting traffic all along! Here and there, mostly through Pinterest it seems, people have been finding their way back to my good ol' favorites like Buffalo Chicken Wing dip

So, Search for Tastefully Simple. This DOES NOT mean that every single post I write is going to be about Tastefully Simple. It also does not mean that I am going to turn all of this into one huge sales pitch....

I'm pretty sure this is where I give you the link to my Tastefully Simple website in case you want to order anything or join my team...ya know, MLM stuff ;)

But seriously, I'm really excited to get cooking and writing again and happy that Tastefully Simple seems to be giving me inspiration to do it again. 

I'm currently waiting for all of my stuff to come in the mail as I just signed on yesterday, but can't wait to share here when it does! Not only do I want to start creating and sharing amazing food again, I want to be transparent about my journey into the land of MLM (even though I'm hoping not to be to MLM'y...if that's a thing).

Thanks for reading!
More from the Search for Yum coming soon. And it's about to get a whole lot YUMMIER!

Here's a picture of my two adorable children sitting at the table with salmon and broccoli in front of them but sneaking Pirate Foodie (It's Booty but my son has always called it this) together from under the table.
Let's see if I can't spice things up a bit to get them as excited about food as I am (and I'm not just talking Pirate Booty here)!