Chicken Salad Recipe: How to Video

Two years ago this month (TWO YEARS?!) I posted about my absolute favorite Chicken Salad Recipe. I took my favorite ingredients from all of the chicken salads I had tried to make one delicious chicken salad (if I do say so myself). You can read more about my recipe creation inspiration in the original post.

Without fail, every June I start craving this chicken salad. This June was no different. This has also been one of my most loved recipes on The Search for YUM to date so I decided to make a video showing how easy it really is! It's not professional quality by any means, but it was sure fun to make. Special thanks to my videographer husband :)

The Best Ever Chicken Salad Recipe - How To Video

For more information, full recipe and to see how I developed this specific recipe, head on over to my original Best Ever Chicken Salad Recipe post!


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