Halloween Kids Craft - DIY Monster Juice Boxes

The countdown to Halloween is ON!

Every year we have a huge Halloween party before the kids go out trick or treating. I always love getting everything ready for the party and wanted my son to be able to get in on the fun! Last year he was three, and baby sister was only 10 months, so I had to find something that he would be able to do rather easily with little help should I get busy with a fussy baby. Introducing:

DIY Monster Juice Boxes

DIY Monster Juice Boxes

I had seen the juice boxes wrapped in paper towels to look like ghosts, but knew from the previous year that those don't stay together that easily. You only need four things for these cute little drinkable monsters and it only takes two steps!

What You'll Need

1. Juice boxes
2. Colorful tape (I used electrical tape which worked really great and was pretty cheap but any crafty tape should do)
3. Googly eyes - make sure it's the peel back ones that stick themselves otherwise you are going to have to glue each one on.
4. Kids scissors to cut the tape

How You'll Do It

1. Wrap tape around the juice box
2. Stick on google eyes

That's IT! Making monster juice boxes is very simple and very fun. My three year old had so much fun in fact that we were wrapping juice boxes for WEEKS to come before he drank them!

Halloween Kid Craft - DIY Monster Juice Boxes

Just take note that you are probably going to have to remove the straws before creating your own jukebox monster, so keep in mind that you will want to keep those together. Losing juice box straws is not fun - trust me!
Halloween Juice Boxes

These will definitely be making a come back at this year's Halloween party. I have a four year old who would not let me forget!

If you create your own juice box monsters, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram (@searchforyum), Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter!


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