Chicken, Prosciutto and Mozzarella with Spinach Mashed Potatoes

I am SO excited I just found this recipe (and photos)! This used to be my go-to dinner and I haven't made it since we lived in Boston. Now that I'm getting it up on the Search for YUM, hopefully I will never forget about it again!
I came up with this recipe after eating out in the North End one night. I enjoyed my dinner so much, I found myself craving in constantly over the next few days! Since going there every single time I got the craving for it just wasn't an option, I knew I had to try to re-create it myself.
Introducing: my version of a delicious Boston North End chicken dish:

Chicken, Prosciutto and Mozzarella with Spinach Mashed Potatoes

It's a really easy and delicious dinner for any night of the week!

What You'll Need:
Chicken breasts, thin sliced OR pounded out
Prosciutto*, 1 or 2 slices for every chicken breast
Marsala Wine/White Wine
Mashed Potatoes

*Tip: don't cheap out on the prosciutto. Getting nice prosciutto really makes this dinner SO much better. Take my word for it. I didn't find that out until I moved out of the North End where you can't buy BAD prosciutto.

How You'll Do It:

1. Get your mashed potatoes ready. Whether you are boiling potatoes and mashing or using boxed mashed potatoes, I wont judge!
2. Place chicken in a pan on the stove top.
3. Pour in Marsala Wine or white wine until chicken is mostly covered.
4. Cook on medium heat until chicken is mostly cooked, flipping over halfway through.
5. Once chicken is mostly cooked all of the way through, turn the stovetop down to low heat.
6. Cover each chicken breast with 1 or 2 slices of prosciutto. Then lay mozzarella on top of that.
7. Cover with desired amount of spinach and cover for a few minutes until spinach is done and mozzarella has softened. 
8. Place spinach on top of mashed potatoes and serve with chicken, proscuitto and mozzarella and ENJOY!

For all of you visual learners, here it is step-by-step in photos:

Bon App├ętit!