Attention Wine Lovers! Foldable Wine Bottle Review

Alright all you wine lovers, I have your next must have right here. Introducing, the Vino Mio Foldable Wine bottle for wine on the go!
I had the opportunity to test these out and they are really cool. I think they are really going to come in handy in the summer for bringing wine on the boat, to the beach, picnics, etc. That way there is no glass or big bottles to worry about! 

Not to mention an easy way to bring small amounts of wine from a big box! I'm suddenly a huge fan of box wine. I know what you're thinking. wine yuck! But it really has come a long way and you can get a lot of bang for your buck! My favorite right now,  Bota Box (malbec) is about $19 and has the equivalent of 4+ bottles of wine inside. Not to mention, it's deliciously good and can last on your counter once opened for quite a while! The only problem is its not really portable once open. That's where these foldable, reusable wine bottles really come in handy! Just pour it in and go!

So the obvious big question in using the foldable bottle is taste. When I first saw these bottles I wondered if the wine would taste different once poured into this plastic bag. In my opinion taste is not sacrificed! Just go by the same rules you would go by one opening any bottle of wine. You can't pour it in and expect it to taste the same in a week. But 1 to 2 days is good!

The Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle is available on Amazon for only $14.99 and comes with two foldable wine bottles, one for red and one for white! Perfect gift for your wine loving friends and family this Christmas! 

Full disclaimer, I got to try the Vino Mio foldable wine bottles for free, but I promise my opinion is my own.

Also, just a side note from me...make sure you always drink responsibly and where BYOW is permitted! And NEVER drink and drive!


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