Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

My absolute favorite mornings are the ones where we don't have anywhere to be or anything specific to do and we can just hang out in bed. Just my baby, husband, dog and me :) There's nothing better.

That's why all I want for my first Mother's Day is brunch in bed! What could be better than pancakes and snuggles all morning?!

When I was a little girl, I would make my mom breakfast in bed every year for mother's day. I would tip toe out of bed and into the kitchen and make my mom some unfortunate hodge-podge of unappetizing food (my earlier days in the kitchen were pretty lame), and she would stay in bed pretending to be asleep so I could "surprise" her as I clattered and clashed around the kitchen making a huge mess. I think the most memorable year was when I was about seven or eight. She was sitting there crunching on her eggs...yes crunching...and I was sitting there grinning, very pleased with myself, when she asked what the date on the eggs was. They had expired over a month ago! Whoops!

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

So in honor of Mother's Day, I'm sharing all of my favorite breakfast/brunch recipes on Pinterest:   

Consider it a handy dandy guide to all of my favorite brunch recipes! (**wink wink husband...don't forget to check the date on the eggs ;) **)


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