Greek Yogurt Pancake Recipe

About 1 week before I had my son, Chobani reached out to me about participating in their #MadeWithChobani project. The challenge was to create a unique, healthy recipe using Chobani yogurt as a key ingredient. That was over a month ago.

Well today, as my son turns 1 month old, the stars finally aligned and I was able to create the recipe I had been planning.

As I watched my little man drift slowly into a deep mid morning nap, I was torn between joining him in getting some precious Z's or making coffee and having breakfast. My rumbling tummy won as usual and as I went into the kitchen I realized I finally had all the ingredients to make the delicious greek yogurt pancake that I have been dreaming up for a month now. And well, it was worth the wait. And guess what? Super easy!

So without further ado, my Chobani Recipe Challenge creation:

Greek Yogurt Pancakes

What You'll Need:
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1 personal size container of greek yogurt - any flavor you want! 
    **I used indulgent raspberry and dark chocolate Chobani greek yogurt and it was delicious!
1 tbsp canola oil/butter (for frying pan)

1. Start heating canola oil in frying pan/griddle over medium heat.
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients together until well blended.
3. Pour mixture into pan/griddle. As soon as you start to see the side facing upwards begin to bubble, flip over. As soon as that is cooked, just move to a plate, Add some butter, syrup and your favorite pancake toppings! Although not pictured here, I highly recommend some whipped cream!

Why I love this greek yogurt pancake recipe and why I think you'll love it:
This recipe is very easy to make, it's fast AND you only need a few ingredients that you probably already have. While I do love to use Aunt Jemima's whole wheat pancake mix from time to time, I love that making pancakes from scratch is really just as easy - and delicous! 
I also really love how cutomizable it is :)  With so many greek yogurt flavors to choose from,you can have strawberry greek yogurt pancakes, blueberry, coconut, double chocolate chunk, many greek yogurt pancake flavors to try!