8 Must Try Mocktails + Big News!

I'll take a Bloody Mary, extra olives, a slice of bacon, celery, throw in some shrimp - oh, and hold the liquor.
For wherever reason, if you find yourself not drinking in a situation where everyone else is...do not fear. These amazing mocktails have you covered. One sweet (or spicy!) sip and you'll forget you are about to be the only sober one in the room! The best part, no one will ever know the difference so you get to avoid the most annoying question ever: "why aren't you drinking?!"

These have been a life-saver for me for the past 20 weeks....if you haven't guessed yet from the title of this post Mocktails + Big News....I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!

8 Must Try Mocktails

Going sober? You don't have to be stuck just drinking shirley temples with the 5-year-olds. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shirley temple, but it's nice to have options! These are some of the best non-alcoholic beverages I could find around the web! Click on any pic for their source!

#1. Virgin Blood Mary. I'm not going to put these in any specific order, but I just have to call special attention to my favorite mocktail these past few months. The bloody mary has kept me happy on many social occasions recently! Just create your favorite bloody mary recipe and leave out the vodka or just ask the bartender for their most delicious bloody mary...virgin! So easy!

or depending on how hungry you are (which I always am even when I'm not pregnant), 
I just found this little gem....

#2. "Safe" Sex on the Beach Mocktail!  Another standard during the hot summer months - Refreshingly good. simple (only 4 ingredients) and it looks pretty!

#3. Cranberry Sparkler Mocktail - Heading into the holiday's could be tough...but with these scrumptious cocktails, you won't be left out of any toasts!

#4. Cocoa Mock-Tini. Everyone knows how much of a sucker I am for martinis. I still haven't figured out a way to create a virgin dirty martini (if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know). But this decadent chocolate martini should hold me over for now...

#5. Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler. Pretty, delicious and healthy. Check, check and check.

 #6. Banana PiƱa Colada. All I can say is YUMMMMMMMM..

#7. Pomegranate Sangria Mocktail. For all you sangria lovers!

#8. Baby Bellini. Last but definitely not least! No drink menu would be complete without a bellini, and this one so happens to have the word "baby" in the title making me love it even more right now!

For even more delicious non-alcoholic beverage options, check out my Mocktails board on pinterest where I'm always adding new deliciousness!