Top 5 Food Fest Tips

Whether you are going to a Taste of something, a Food Truck Festival or any other kind of public Food Tasting or Food Fest, there are a few simple tips that are guaranteed to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. 

After attending my fair share of food events, I have learned some crucial tips that I hope can be as beneficial to others as they have been to me. 

Here's my Top 5 Food Fest Tips:

1. Bring bottles of water. Preferably cold and at least one per person in your group. If it's hot you will really appreciate having them handy in lines. Plus, you get to save a little extra money or food tickets so you can try even more food instead of spending it on water!

2. Show up hungry...but not Starving. Ok, I know that sounds like it goes against the idea of going to an event just to eat. But trust me, if you show up famished and anxious to eat, you might be very dissapointed or even worse HANGRY (Hungry/Angry) when you find you have to wait in a line for your first taste. If you decide to chance it, at least bring a small snack with you...just in case :)

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There is usually a lot of walking, standing and possibly sitting on the ground involved. Especially if you've never been to an event before, just be prepared for anything. 

4. Have a plan. If the event provides a vendor list/map, I usually print that out and highlight all of my top picks for the day. That way, I can be sure to try everything I really want. If there are really long lines, I usually go for a shorter line first (see avoiding Hangry above). As soon as I get that food, I jump in another line so I can eat and wait. Multi-tasking at it's best! If you are feeling really productive that day, divvy up the lines between your group so you can try even more!

5. Patience is a virtue. Food never just magically appears. It takes a lot of someone's hard work to make, and then serve, a delicious bite to eat. Everyone is just there to eat and have a nice time, so take your time and enjoy!

Take these 5 tips along to any food event you go to and you will surely be on your way to Food Fest Bliss :)

After attending the first annual CT Food Truck Festival and reading all of the negative feedback from other attendees, I realized that some people could have had a better experience (despite any shortcomings of the event) just by doing a few simple things. Mainly, bringing water. Water is key. Hope these help. Please feel free to share and comment with any tips you have for surviving food events below!