Connecticut Food Truck Festival

People love food trucks. I love food trucks. There is just something about them. The aroma, the fun atmosphere that surrounds them, the gourmet delicacies being made to order right out of a vehicle in front of you. I'm sure the allure is different for everyone, but the fact remains the same, the food truck obsession is real.

The 13.6K that replied as going on the event's Facebook page, plus the 1.2K that responded with a maybe and the actual turnout on the first day is a true testament to that. And still no one, not even the event's organizers, could have anticipated just how popular this event was going to be. The CT Food Truck Festival event page is reporting DOUBLE those numbers with an estimated 15,000 people on Saturday alone! WHOA!

CT Food Truck Festival

Cars backed up on all highways leading into the North Haven Fairgrounds where the first annual Connecticut Food Truck Festival had begun. Parking lots quickly filled up and closed, long lines formed in front of each and every participating food truck in the field and the much anticipated eating of all of the delicious food the day had to offer began! 

And so did the public opinions. All over social media are leftovers of both frustrated festival goers and fed and happy food truck lovers.

Chris Collibee of WFSB Ch. 3 pretty much summed it up with this tweet:

The day was not a failure despite a few kinks and I would definitely tell people who might be questioning going on Sunday not to be swayed by some of the negative feedback. Yes, there were lines and traffic, but any public event (especially one that revolves around food) has it's fair share of lines and a crowd. It's just to be expected. And there were plenty of tweets about people enjoying their food!

Here are some of my top food picks from the day:
(I was also tweeting throughout the day so don't forget to follow @SearchforYUM for live updates before my posts!)


My very first stop AND it was delicious AND they gave me a free Stroopwafel cookie for liking Vanchetta on Twitter, so it holds a special place in my heart! 

Ordered: Chicken Caprese sandwich and Patatas Bravas

 Big Country's BBQ
Easily one of the best mac 'n cheese recipes I've ever tasted...ever! 
Ordered: Pulled Borked Mac 'n Cheese with Bacon (topped with extra BBQ sauce!)

 Ordered: Absolutely amazing chicken and waffles with syrup.
Tip: Make sure you get the syrup on it!
(also, sorry for the half-eaten pic...I obviously couldn't wait!)

Fruit Whirled
Bicycle blended organic smoothies - peddled to perfection :)

There were SO many other amazing food trucks I just couldn't get to - or fit in my full belly! But I will definitely make sure to start taking more advantage of Connecticut's rich food truck scene!

Great job to everyone and anyone involved. I'll definitely be back searching for YUM next year and I already can't wait!

(This has actually inspired me to write a post with my top food event tips so be on the lookout for that soon!)

Did you go or are you planning on going still? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts/favorite food truck below!