How Salt Water Taffy Is Made

Salt water taffy is a staple of The Great NYS Fair. Ever since I was little I can remember standing in front of the taffy booths watching the taffy being spun and then spit out all individually wrapped. And then I especially remember eating it! :-)

As a kid, salt water taffy definitely wasn't my favorite treat at the fair. That was saved for fried dough! But it has always been one of my mom's favorites! We never left The Fair without stopping to get some Salt Water Taffy. My favorite part was probably picking from ALL of the many of each please! And two of the chocolate :-)

This is what the Salt Water Taffy process looks like at The New York State Fair!

The History of Salt Water Taffy

The first salt water taffy was an accident! It's a great story actually. There was a candy store in Atlantic City New Jersey selling taffy on the Boardwalk. One day the shop was flooded, contaminating all of the taffy with salt the birth of salt water taffy!!!

How to make Salt Water Taffy

I have never been brave enough to try making taffy on my own, but I've heard it's quite the workout!
Even though I can't tell you how to make it from my own experience, I found two really great salt water taffy recipes for you to try:

  1. This is a fairly straight forward salt water taffy recipe.
  2. The Cupcake Project blogger actually makes it look fun on her blog! You should check out her fun family salt water taffy recipe!

Might be a great rainy day project!