Deep Fried Food Frenzy at The NY State Fair

While it seems like the rest of the country is in a health food, gluten free, lactose free kick, upstate New York has been deep frying...everything!

The Great NY State Fair was a

Deep Fried Food Frenzy!

You could get ANYTHING deep fried.... pickles, potatoes, buffalo chicken wing dip, cookie dough, alligator, BUBBLE GUM....

I think this is best explained through pictures. My deep fried food feast at the Fair:

Introducing the Donut Burger! Yes, a burger with a donut as a bun. Or the donut dog. OR of course there's the southern fried chicken donut! Mmmmmm?

Deep Fried Gators, Ribbon Fries, Deep-Fried Rice Krispies Treats. And Yes, that sign does say "Pig Butt on a Stick." I didn't dare ask what that was...

Chocolate covered Bacon. Deep fried of course.

Fried Loaded Potato Bites. YUM! 

The holy grail of deep fried food.
 Deep Fried Pickles!

Deep Fried Buffalo Wing Dip!

Looking back, I really should have tried this.

I ended the day with probably my favorite of the day...deep fried cookie dough!!!! oh so good!
The alligator eggs weren't really alligator eggs, don't worry! I asked and he said they were fried snickers...makes sense...I guess...

What do you think of deep fried food? Any favorites?