Just Add Water: Lemon Poppyseed Scones

Let's be honest. I love baking and cooking. But I hardly ever have time to do half the things I would love to do/make. So if I have the chance to serve something absolutely yummy with minimal effort - I take it.

Open and throw into a skillet for minutes and have what looks like a well prepared meal? Yes please! Just add water and throw in the oven and have warm, seemingly home-made scones. You bet!

That's why when I saw these lemon poppy scones at a local shop and saw add water only, I scooped them up. And I have company coming all weekend - SCORE!

Now to put them to the test!

Baking Lemon Poppyseed Scones

aka adding the water...

Mix? check! Water? check! Bowl? check! Oven preheating? check! Trust Sidekick? Check!

Let's get started!

I was immediately impressed as soon as I opened the package and poured it's already delicious looking mix into the bowl. It smelled so good already!!!
It got even better after I added the water. It looks like there are actually bits of real lemon in the mix!

Everything was going great until I got to the place them on the baking sheet part. (I now know why they call themselves "Sticky Fingers." So a scone isn't really a scone if it isn't somewhat triangular...right? The package suggested I either just spoon them onto a baking sheet which is easy enough, or do some extra steps involving another pan and flower and some other stuff that I just didn't read to get this desired shape. But these were "just add water" scones so how hard could it be to just shape them by hand?! The answer is, hard. Here is the turnout. (Don't judge!):

I think their odd shapes are endearing. (At least that's what I'll tell my guests!)
And the final result = imperfect perfection!

They are going to make me look really, really good. :) Highly recommend these delicious and easy scones!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!