Salt Potatoes

Salt potatoes. Growing up in Syracuse, NY salt potatoes were a fact of life. It wasn't a GREAT dinner without them. Little did I know that the rest of the world outside of my little Upstate NY bubble had not experienced salt potatoes. Who knew? I mean Wegmans has them. But Wegmans is a whole other post!

After moving to Boston and realizing that everyone was not in on this delicious side dish, my world was rocked. I couldn't understand how people were so oblivious. So now whenever someone from Syracuse comes to visit me, I ask them to bring a few Syracuse specialties, starting with salt potatoes. I owe special thanks to my beautiful cousin Marybeth for this bag in particular!


You take a bag full of small potatoes and a HUGE bag of salt. Boil them together, and drizzle them in melted butter. Those are Salt Potatoes.

Wegmans does sell a product called "salt potatoes" only found in and around Upstate NY, but you can easily re-create this yourself.

All you need is:

  • mini golden potatoes - the smallest you can find.
  • A LOT of salt. When you think you have added enough, add even more.
  • At least a stick of butter. I prefer to give everyone their salt potatoes in a personal size bowl with at least a quarter of a stick of melted butter poured over them.
*I'm sure you have noticed, but probably not the best side dish for anyone that can't have a lot of salt in their diet.

Simple. Delicious. A staple of my childhood that I am proud to introduce to anyone and everyone I meet. 

What kind of food is unique to the area you grew up in?!

UPDATE 6/7/13:
I just found this really great post that goes into the history of Syracuse Salt Potatoes: