Abbott's Lobster in the Rough Review

Nestled along the Connecticut shoreline in Noank, you will find one of the best seafood places there is going: Abbott's Lobster in the Rough.

Abbott's is only open seasonally so it's important to get your fresh seafood fix during the New England summer months here! A normal season typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day but does vary. For a little over three beautiful months, they are open seven days a week from noon to 9pm. They stretch out their hours over in the beginning of May and after Labor Day until about October, so you still have the opportunity to go on the weekends. You can always check their updated hours online.

Whenever someone I know visits the area, I always recommend they visit Abbott's. It' just one of those places you have to try at least once, and will probably end up going back again and again whenever you have the chance. Abbott's is one of those rare gems.

It is a very family friendly restaurant, too! You can get to Abbott's by car or by boat (my preferred form of transportation). I actually have only been to Abbott's by boat. They provide easy docking free of charge!

One of the coolest parts is Abbott's is B.Y.O.B. So don't forget your favorite beverage to pair with your seafood! And you won't find any fried seafood here! If that's what you are looking for, you better try Abbott's sister restaurant: Costello's Clam Shack. Unlike Abbott's, Costello's specializes in fried seafood. Located next to Abbott's it is also open seasonally and BYOB.

What to Expect at Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Noank, CT

Once at Abbott's you get in line (and there is ALWAYS a line). You can see the BIG menu (below) from pretty much anywhere in line so you have a while to be indecisive, which is always a good thing for me especially. You will place your order at one of two windows. They DO take credit card now which is a very pleasant change from just a few years ago.**

Once you place your order, you will be given your receipt with your order number on the back. You can go find any available picnic table, open up your drinks and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere until your number is called and you can feast! 

Here is Abbott's menu:

As you will see, the seafood selection is quite large! But they do have a selection of non-seafood and vegetarian options, just in case. One of the most popular things on the menu is their Hot Lobster Roll. And it. is. delicious. 

For my first visit of the season, I went with the Hot Lobster Roll. Actually everyone did! It is served with two pickle slices and a bag of Abbott's potato chips. We all shared an order of the Steamer and Mussel Mix with melted butter and broth. It was just right as an appetizer for four! I just couldn't decided if I liked the steamers or the mussels better! 

**They still do not take credit card at the desserts hut, but give you the option to pay in the regular food line and just give your paid order to the desserts stand workers. We found that out the hard way so this is a really good tidbit! 

Desserts include ice cream and a small selection of pie. I had the mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge to round off dinner....YUM!