Restaurant Review: Gaspar's - New London, CT

Gaspar's restaurant is a delightful find in New London, CT. With a menu that could easily hold its own in a big city, Gaspar's has brought the ultimate dining experience to Southeastern Connecticut. The food is exceptional, the atmosphere is warm and inviting and the prices are reasonable.

I love menus, I love reading them and eating from them! While a smaller selection, there is something to be said about a quality menu that doesn't have to be three pages long.

I was lucky enough to get to try a few different things! (And of course photographed them all for you):

Each plate is different with a vintage feel. The fact that each plate is unique here makes me love it even more.  It adds  to the feeling that you aren't necessarily in a restaurant in New London...
you could very well be at your Great Aunt's for dinner!
Warm bread with olive oil and balsamic.

Sample from the new Summer menu coming soon: scallop ceviche with a tequila lime gazpacho
Salad #1 : Asian Pears & Prosciutto
This one was my favorite! Amazing combination here.
Salad #2 : Roasted Golden Beats
Special : Steak in a Gorgonzola cream sauce
Almost not what I expected to be placed in front of me. I was thinking of more  traditional steak tips.
But it was a pleasant surprise!
Stonington Sea Scallops
Fresh and delicious. If you are very hungry and plan on getting this, definitely get an appetizer and salad as this might not completely fill you up. Or you might just want room for dessert!
This was the wine we had with dinner - very good!

I highly recommend Gaspar's to anyone looking for a great overall dining experience around New London, CT. Even if you are driving along 95 between Boston and New York City, you might want to consider this as a food stop along the way!