Pinterest Inspired Bridal Shower

Welcome to part 2 of our Long Island Search for YUM!: Long Island Bridal Shower!

So the very reason for this trip was to attend our very good friend's bridal shower taking place in Bellport, NY! One guest described it best: "Pinterest on crack!"  From personalized chalk board mason jars for our fruity cocktails, to customized signs for the salads, these bridesmaids thought of everything! And clearly spent some time on Pinterest. They turned this Long Island backyard into a bridal shower oasis, complete with a fruit basket and jazz music! And the theme was a personal favorite: Nautical!
While I can't take credit for creating any of the following food and drink masterpieces, I did take part by being a photographer for the event :)

Here are some of the food and drink highlights of the festivities!

Final Part 3 of food, travel and fashion in Long Island, NY coming up tomorrow! (See what happens when things don't go as hoped when traveling and on the search for YUM tomorrow!)