Navy Yard Bistro, Charlestown MA (I'm in love)

After months of walking by and catching glimpses of The Navy Yard Bistro through the windows, I finally had the pleasure of experiencing this restaurant from the inside instead of just creepily peering in at people from the sidewalk.  What a treat!

On a Sunday at 6:30p.m. we were able to walk in with a party of four and immediately be seated. For such a small place, I was amazed.

We were seated in the room directly to the right of the door. With no more than about 12 rather small tables, it was perfectly cozy. I loved the lighting and overall ambience. There seemed to be only one more room about the same size with a bar separating the two.

The menu offered a nice selection and the price was not that bad for the area. (Dinners ranged from $16-$27 with the special of the night, Meatloaf, $13). There were the standard chicken, beef, veal and salmon dishes and a nice variety of salads and appetizers. Something for everyone.

I opted for the Roasted Chicken Breast with Mashed potatoes, asparagus and rosemary pan jus. Simple and delicious and tender and just the right portion.
A friend got the salmon which she said was delicious..and looked it! And another friend got the veal which came with a very generous portion of pasta.

I just might not go here to sit at the bar for an evening. The kitchen was directly in front of it and it didn't seem to be the same relaxing atmosphere that the rest of the place offered. Of course, I will probably still try it one night and be proven wrong.

I am looking forward to outdoor seating in the summer! Although it is winter now, I remember the first time I walked up to this place on accident and it was so charming with twinkling lights and outdoor patio seating, it looked like it was transplanted there right from Paris! Of course it wasn't 5p.m. yet and I was starving so I missed out that day and moved on to a local cafe.

Noting that this hidden little gem does not open until 5p.m. every night for dinner, if you are planning on a day in Charlestown plan accordingly!

And if you are in the Navy Yard looking for is nestled in the back of the building where the Tedeshi faces 1st Ave. Look closely, you might just miss it!

*Originally published on my previous blog: Live, Laugh, Eat New England.